Contractor Safety Orientation Instructions

Before any work begins, each contract worker has to complete and sign the Contractor Safety Orientation Acknowledgement form and return it to the Contract Maintenance Department.

The orientation must be taken annually per calendar year.

While working in the plant areas, contractors are required to wear hardhats, safety glasses with side-shields, steel-toed boots, long pants and sleeved shirts.  You may be required to wear additional PPE depending on your job scope.

Please follow the instructions below to view the Safety Orientation before coming on site.

When you arrive at the site, report to Contract Maintenance Department in the North Annex, with the completed a Contractor Safety Orientation Acknowledgement form. Contract Maintenance will issue the Hard Hat sticker for that year.

Complete the training items below:


  • Call John Townsend, 386-328-9255 (ext. 2114) for any safety related questions/concerns.
  • Call your Contract Maintenance Representative for all other questions.