Bidders, please note: The “Bid Documents” below are password protected unless otherwise noted. To respond to any password protected bids, a bidder must be pre-qualified. Potential bidders should review the “Supplier Guide” and “Insurance Requirements” and if so desired submit a “Bidders Qualification Questionnaire” to the email listed in the “Bid Information & Requirements” section below.

To aid Seminole Electric in qualifying and monitoring our contractors and suppliers, we have enlisted ISNetworld to help with managing contractor safety information. Your company’s ISNetworld subscription will provide Seminole Electric access to information such as insurance, OSHA forms, experience modifier rate, written programs, as well as an HSE Questionnaire.

For further information regarding ISNetworld and the subscription process, please visit or call 800-976-1303.

For non-password protected “Bid Documents” please follow the instructions within the posted document.

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