Qualifying Facilities

Solar PanelsThe Public Utilities Policies Act of 1978 (“PURPA”) created an obligation for electric utilities, such as Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“Seminole”), a generation and transmission cooperative, to offer to purchase power from, and interconnect with, qualifying generation projects. PURPA is implemented through a set of rules established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”). Qualifying Facilities must meet certain criteria as specified in the FERC rules.

FERC QF Facilities: QF Self-Service

Collectively known as the “Agreements”, the “Generation Interconnection Agreement” and the “Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Electricity from Qualifying Cogeneration or Small Power Production Facilities” are intended to set forth the approach for allowing qualifying cogeneration and small power production facilities as described below (“QFs”) to interconnect and sell electricity (capacity and/or energy) with the electric utility systems listed below in accordance with rules adopted by FERC implementing sections 201 and 210 of PURPA as amended, 18 C.F.R. Part 292 (the “FERC Rules”).

These Agreements have been adopted by Seminole and the following electric distribution cooperatives in the State of Florida, all of which are members of Seminole and obtain wholesale electric service from Seminole (the “Members“).

Power Purchase Agreements

QF’s wishing to sell their generated power to Seminole will need to execute an Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Electricity from Qualifying Cogeneration or Small Production Facilities, also known as a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) with Seminole. Seminole may revise the Agreement from time to time and in particular circumstances (including when a QF sells firm capacity to Seminole or interconnects directly with Seminole) which may require modifications to the form or may require an individualized contract tailored to the specific QF and circumstances involved.

For additional information regarding the sale of electricity by the QF to Seminole, please contact our team at:
Commercial Operations

For a copy of Seminole’s PPA, please review the documents below:

Interconnection Agreements

Any potential Interconnection Customer (“IC”) that desires to interconnect a QF with Seminole or one of its Members will need to execute an Interconnection Agreement. Posted on this page are several documents that describe the interconnection process and include relevant forms used in the process.

Attachment 3 of the Generation Interconnection Agreement describes Seminole’s and its Member’s technical and operational facility connection requirements. It should be noted that Seminole may revise the template for the Generation Interconnection Agreement due to a potential QF’s particular circumstances.

To begin the interconnection process, the potential IC should review the documents posted and then contact Seminole’s Transmission Planning group to discuss setting up a pre-application meeting. Contact information for the Transmission Planning group is listed below:

Robert DeMelo
Director of Transmission & Project Services, Transmission & Project Services

Interconnection Documents

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